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Frequently Asked Questions

What is World E-Commerce Form?

World E-Commerce Form; It is the first and only international organization in Turkey to bring international e-commerce platforms to Turkey and host dual matches.

For this reason, we have built a unique community for brands and retailers who want to expand their international presence.

Members of World E-Commerce Form, gain a point of view and new sales channels about e-export by participating in special events ranging from dual matches to business trips abroad.

Who Participated in the E-Export Platform in General?

E-Export conferences are mainly attended by e-commerce directors of e-commerce and retail brands. In our 2017 conferences, a significant number of participants were directors and business owners. If you want to know more about cross-border online trade, how to increase your e-export sales, here’s where you are looking for.

How are Conferences Formated?

The International E-Export Conferences take place in two separate days as bilateral matching and conference. During the day of the conference, let’s say that there are very special presentations, panels. In particular, the mind-blowing presentations of international speakers have lifted all the limits of e-export in the head.

You can find our 19-20 th March conference link here.

Is there enough time to network?

At E-Export Conferences, you have enough time to network. During registration, after the conference and coffee breaks during the day  you can find plenty of opportunities to network.

Who is attending International E-Commerce conference from abroad?

To speak at the International E-Export Conferences we welcome the managers of the leading online market places around the world. International logistics companies, payment systems, marketplaces integrators, and many other international companies are involved.

Can I participate in dual matchings?

If you want to make binary pairing meetings, you have to be a member of E-Export Platform. If you want to become a member, please contact Mahmut ŞEKER. [email protected]

Where is the International World E-Commerce Form organized?

In general we organize E-Export Conferences in easy-to-reach areas for everyone. If you want to be informed about the 19-20 th March conference, please remember to be a subscribing e-bulletin.

Do I have a parking problem?

There is valet service at the organization place. Generally there is no parking problem.

How do I get a conference ticket?

To purchase the E-Export Conference ticket, please visit our ticket sales page. You can be confident that you will have an easy-to-use ticket-buying experience designed to take only 3 minutes.

Can I bring a friend with me who has not purchased a ticket?

The E-Export Conference is an event with tickets. If you are going to come up with a friend in the event, you need to register for your friend and buy tickets. All attendees are checked in the entrance.

Can I transfer or return the ticket to someone else?

After buying a ticket for the conference, we can not return fee. For this reason, please make sure you can attend the conference before buying. However, if you are unable to attend the event and would like your friend to attend your place, you can request a ticket transfer by contacting our team.

Why a Conference in Turkey, Euro costs?

As the E-Export Platform, we have the highest priority for the perfect progress of everything on the conference day and for the unique experience of our guests. For this reason we only work with the most exclusive hotels and congress centers in Turkey. These conference halls which mainly host foreign guests are making their pricing over Euro like all the companies in the tourism sector. All the details of our other cost items, such as technical equipment and speaker fees, are also charged in foreign currencies, which is reflected in the ticket prices.

Can I take advantage of the conference if I do not know English at the level that I understand what I am listening to?

Absolutely! On the day of the conference, a translator team that provides ongoing similitude translation support in the event area translates presentations and panels for you throughout the day. With the headphones you will leave your identity at the conference entrance, you can follow the event throughout the day. You can even forward your questions to our speakers with the support of our activity team and translators.

How can we sponsor the conference in accordance with our target group?

As Turkey’s largest International E-Export Conference, we believe that we are bringing together a unique audience for every product group targeting e-commerce sector decision makers. If you would like to promote your products and services to a group of 500 people, many of them working in decision-making positions for their companies, you can contact us at [email protected].

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