Everything You Want to Know About Opening Amazon Seller Account!

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While the largest online marketplace Amazon continues to grow, opening Amazon Seller account processes attract more attention.

While the largest online marketplace Amazon continues to grow, opening Amazon Seller account processes attract more attention. Amazon offers various advantages for cross-border e-commerce or e-export. Those who want to benefit from this opportunity needs to open a seller account. You can become an Amazon Seller after a detailed and complex Amazon Seller registration process. But first, your account must be verified. At this point, it is important to complete updated Amazon Seller steps. Here is the everything you want to know about opening amazon seller account!

Where Do I Start for Amazon Seller Account?

Amazon offers various opportunities for sectors and individuals. But independent of the business model and product type on the Amazon, there are certain steps to start selling on Amazon or to become a seller!

  • Decide on your business model!

First, you need to decide which business model are you going to use!

Private brand: Private brand is rebranding or renaming a product manufactured with an existing private brand or tag.

Wholesale: Wholesale is the bulk sales of low cost or discounted products in any retail market.

Online and/or retail arbitrage: Arbitrage is finding low cost or discounted products to sell in brick and mortar retail stores and e-commerce website.

Dropshipping: Dropshipping is the business model that an Amazon Seller directly sends the customer order to manufacturer or supplier without product inventory.

Handmade: Amazon handmade product sellers are the individuals that produce their handmade products to sell on Amazon market. Handmade jewellery, accessories and home decoration products can be listed in this category.

  • Decide on fulfillment method!

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) or Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM)? Both fulfillment methods that contain all processes for orders have positive and negative sides. Therefore, it is better to do a research to decide which option is the best for Amazon Seller.

  • Decide on your product!

If you are selling a product in a different market, you are an Amazon Seller candidate. But you need to learn whether your product has enough demand on Amazon. You need to use some Amazon analysis program to find answers for which products have high demand, which products have low competition and which products have low demand.

  • Apply for Amazon Seller!

If you completed all of the steps above, you can now start opening your Amazon Seller account. You can see the processes to open Amazon Seller account in the following sections!

  • Supply your products!

If your Amazon Seller application information is verified and approved by Amazon, you can start supplying products.

  • Create product lists!

After opening Amazon Seller account, you can start selling on Amazon and grow your sales targets!

How To Open Amazon Seller Account?

To open a store on Amazon, you first need to complete Amazon Seller account opening processes. After creating a seller account, you can start listing your products on Amazon. Of course, you need to register some information on the system and submit some documents to create seller account. You can find the necessary documents to become an Amazon Seller.

The steps to open Amazon Seller Account are as follows:

  • Slide the “become Amazon Seller” page below. Click on “View Pricing” link on the right-hand side. When you click on orange “Register” button, you will be directed to seller account registration page. On the other hand, “View Pricing” link will enable you to view the price differences between individual and corporate accounts and choose the one you want.
  • Click on individual or professional Amazon Seller account option. If you are going to sell more than 40 product per month, “professional” is the best option. If you want to sell a hobby product or if you are an amateur seller, “individual” option will be suitable. Also, if you want to sell at small-scale such as lower than 40 units per month, choose “individual” option. This option will help you save on the payments.
  • Enter your e-mail and select “Create New Account”. After choosing the right seller model for you, you will be asked to enter an e-mail and a password for seller account. Then, click on “Next”.
  • After that, Amazon will send a one-time password (OTP) to your e-mail address. You need to enter a password in this field. At this stage, Amazon will verify the e-mail. After writing the password to the related field, click on “Create Amazon account” button!
  • Choose “business location” and “business type”. The next step to open Amazon Seller account is sharing some information. Business location: This is the country of your business. This is extremely important since Amazon will verify this. Business type: Public institution, private business, foundation, individual… Full Name: Enter your name, middle name and surname. Then, click on” Accept and continue” button.
  • At the next stage, Amazon will ask personal information. You need to enter your identification document, passport number or driver’s licence and your phone number for verification. Click on “Next” button at the bottom of this screen.
  • Select marketplace or marketplaces. After completing “Individual Information” section, choose the box under marketplaces. For example; amazon.ca, amazon.co.uk etc. Then, click on “Next” button.
  • You need to enter your credit card or debit card information after opening Amazon Seller account. The seller identity and credit card validity are verified. Therefore, you need to enter credit card information after choosing marketplace.
  • Add product information for your Amazon store. Some questions will be asked about the products you plan to sell on Amazon. You need to enter Amazon store name, UPC codes for products, whether you are the owner and/or manufacturer of the products you sell and a registered commercial brand for the products.
  • Lastly, address verification is necessary to open Amazon Seller account. When all the steps in verification are completed, you are asked to verify your business address.

If the viewed address is correct after clicking “Confirm” button, a new screen will be opened. This page states that a verification code and a postcard will be send to this address. When you receive the card, enter the code to “Enter the code below” section and click “Next” to complete the verification!

After this verification, your Amazon Seller account opening process will be completed. After your identity and business information are verified, you can sign in tohttps://sellercentral.amazon.com When you sign in you will see seller account homepage.

Which Documents Are Necessary to Open Amazon Seller Account?

You need the following information and documents to open Amazon Seller account.

Required information to open Amazon Seller account:

  • Credit card information: This information is used for collection Amazon sales fee if the seller account balance is insufficient.
  • Phone number: This is necessary for communication.
  • Firm registration information: You need to choose business type to register your firm. Then, you need to enter company registration number, tax number and address information:
  • Correspondence: ID, birth date, birth place and phone number of the primary correspondence is required.
  • Bank account information: You need to enter your bank account information to collect the Amazon sales earnings.

Required documents to open Amazon Seller account:

  • ID, passport or driver’s licence: This is the most important document. The accuracy of this information is the most important criteria to open Amazon Seller account.
  • Invoice: The address here and the home address on the system must be the same. This invoice is necessary for address verification.

Become Amazon Seller with WORLDEF!

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