Professional Etsy Sales Consultancy and Management

20-24-Week One-to-One Consultancy Service Offered by Authorised Professionals of Etsy in Turkey.

Professional Etsy Sales Consultancy and Management

General Information

Etsy is an American-based e-commerce marketplace focusing on handmade or vintage products and handicraft. These products are under various categories including jewellery, bags, clothing, home decoration and furniture, toys, arts and crafts materials and tools.

Although the platform started to give opportunities for corporate sellers, it is considered as “a platform that gives meaning to people and gives them a chance to verify their arts and crafts”. Products on Etsy sales channels must be in a handmade, antique or handicraft category. Since 2013, Etsy allows ready-made product sales due to marketplace policy change.

Why Should I Sell on Etsy?

Etsy Sales Consultancy Content

In Etsy Sales Consultancy, WORLDEF Enterprise consultants will plan firms and products for sustainable and healthy corporate sales and list the first products. The ways for permanent success will be transferred in the meetings organised throughout the process.

Etsy Sales Consultancy Targets

Store Policy and Identifying Payment Method Consistency

Different from a marketplace approach, Etsy leaves the delivery time or return conditions to sellers. Convincing customer for purchasing decision will be a supporter of store policy.

Correct Logistic Planning and Pricing

Since Etsy does not have its own warehouse, one of the main challenge experienced by exporters in Turkey to send products to Etsy customers is logistic costs rather than competitor firms. WORLDEF Enterprise consultancy will help to capture the minimum express shipment cost and correct fulfilment services.

High-Quality Customer Experience with Suitable Content and Visual

Since Etsy is against mechanised modern industries due to marketplace approach, a sincere store concept that connects with the customers will be created with selected products.

Creating PPC Plan

After all these analysis and product base, products will be highlighted with the PPC plan and optimisation will continue in this process to increase sales and listing rank.



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