E-Commerce Export Web Seminars are online seminars of World E-Commerce Forum, which are organized to contribute to the vision of making Turkey a regional e-commerce center.

Web seminars consist of online cross border e-commerce meetings or seminars held over the internet, where participants can interact regardless of their location or the time zone they are in. Every week on Wednesdays at 21.00, e-commerce is moderated by World E-Commerce Forum Training Coordinator Orxan Isayev and carried out with experts who hold the pulse of the sector in the cross border e-commerce ecosystem. We invite our participants to a quality, online training on all issues related to cross border e-commerce in order to create cross border e-commerce awareness through web seminars that are organized free of charge.

This week’s guest is from Turkey’s most advanced e-commerce software company,Ticimax Information Technology Inc., Erhan Dönmez. He will share all details and valuable information about the ability of the sellers to make smooth sales and payment in global markets with cross border e-commerce.