Entrance to Global Marketplaces Consultancy

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General Information

WORLDEF Enterprise Entrance to Global Marketplaces Consultancy is a marketplace-focused consultancy program developed by World E-Commerce Forum for companies who want to operate in global markets.

This consultancy is a guide to open the brand or products to international marketplaces by using Introduction to Marketplaces, International Logistics, Marketplace Content Optimization, Overseas Incorporation and International Payment Systems titles.

Entrance to Global Marketplaces Consultancy Content

WORLDEF Entrance to Global Marketplaces Consultancy is a transition point that connects marketplaces operating all around the world with suppliers in Turkey. The consultancy enables marketplace targeting for individuals and institutions that want to operate in the global setting and sell their products on international marketplaces. Other than that, Cross-Border E-Commerce Training Certificate Programs, entire Online Cross-Border E-Commerce Training and web seminars are offered for free.

WORLDEF Entrance to Global Marketplaces Consultancy members can benefit from all opportunities of WORLDEF BUSINESS SCHOOL and entire consultancy services from professional consultants for their cross-border e-commerce journey.

Cross-Border E-Commerce Market Analysis

Target and planning are the key factors in every operation. The most suitable marketplaces for the companies are taught by expert professionals of World E-Commerce Forum in Entrance to Global Marketplaces Consultancy.

Entrance to International Target Markets

After determining cross-border e-commerce roadmap, you can take a step into targeted international markets with World E-Commerce Forum professionals. WORLDEF consultants will provide the correct guidance for marketplace legal terms, product standards and integration requirements.

Payment Integrations

You might need alternative methods to collect payments from certain marketplaces. Cross-border e-commerce process will become easier by integration payment systems such as PayPal and Stripe when collection international payment when faced with such challenges in the entrance to global marketplaces processes.

International Logistics

Without any doubt, logistics is one of the most important elements that need to be considered by any company and it is a huge challenge for the development of e-commerce. This is because the doors of the global operations are physically locked with logistic operations. You can find the solutions to minimize the cross-border logistic costs and return problems with WORLDEF Enterprise consultancy.

Marketplace Content Optimization

The most important element to market your products to your customers among hundreds of competitors is creating the right content. The product content which can be defined as photographs, description and properties will bring the highest number of organic customers and sales.

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