The Worldef Enterprise cross border e-commerce package is a unique consulting program developed by the World E-Commerce Forum for companies wishing to expand to global markets. One of the professional consultants of the World E-Commerce Forum, cross border e-commerce provides consultancy services in all matters related to cross border e-commerce, particularly in the areas of company establishment abroad, payment systems abroad and government incentives.

Within the scope of the consultancy, companies are first evaluated and checked whether they are ready for cross border e-commerce, and a cross border e-commerce road map is determined accordingly. With its infrastructure, it produces solutions to all problems of its customers. Thanks to its global customer network, members have the opportunity to make sales through market places all over the world.

With Worldef Enterprise

  • You will specialize in cross border e-commerce with 100% applied training sets, 
  • You will benefit from unlimited one-on-one consultancy to sell in international markets,
  • Integrate with global payment systems such as PayPal and Stripe to receive payments from abroad,
  • Participate in weekly webinars for free and keep your cross border e-commerce information up-to-date,
  • You will be entitled to receive free conference tickets to all conferences organized by the World E-Commerce Forum,
  • In order to become a cross border e-commerce expert, you will learn how to do cross border e-commerce in detail by participating in the Sales Techniques Training and Cross Border E-Commerce Expertise Training Certificate programs in Amazon America,
  • You will be aware of all Worldef Events by becoming a member of Worldef cCross Border E-Commerce Special Contents and Mail Group,
  • After the training, you will be able to prepare a new roadmap and a new way of doing business for your cross border e-commerce initiatives,
  • You will be able to find answers to the problems you may encounter in your way of doing business globally in your cross border e-commerce journey,
  • You will facilitate your cross border e-commerce process with the support of Turkey's first and only platform cross border e-commerce consultant,
  • By making cross border e-commerce, your company's abroad sales will be successful. 

What's in Worldef Enterprise?

1 - Worldef Enterprise Package Content

Worldef Enterprise is literally a Cross Border E-Commerce Consulting package. It provides services for the creation of cross border e-commerce roadmap and strategy of individuals and institutions who want to carry their business to the Global markets. In addition, cross border e-commerce Training Certificate Programs, all Online Cross Border E-CommerceTrainings and webinars are free for the package beneficiaries.

Unlimited Counseling
You will receive consultancy services from World E-Commerce Forum's professional consultants to increase your cross border e-commerce sales.
Certificate Programs​
In Amazon America, you will benefit from the Sales Techniques Training and Cross Border E-Commerce Expertise Training Certificate Programs free of charge.
Online Cross Border E-Commerce Trainings​
Online cross border e-commerce training videos offer more than 25 topics and 1000 hours of non-stop videos. 
Cross Border E-Commerce Webinars​
Every Wednesday at 21.00 you will participate in webinars online for free under a different cross border e-commerce curriculum title.


2 - Enterprise Consulting

Members of the Worldef Enterprise package will benefit from all the facilities of Worldef Business School, as well as all consultancy services for the cross border e-commerce journey from the professional consultants of the World E-Commerce Forum.

Cross Border E-Commerce Market Research
While Crossbord E-Commercing, you will learn the most suitable marketplaces for your company from the experts of the World E-Commerce Forum.
Introduction to Overseas Destination Markets​
After determining the cross border e-commerce roadmap, you will step into the targeted overseas markets with Worldef professionals.
Company Formation Abroad
In order to facilitate your cross border e-commerce process in the targeted country, you will benefit from the consultancy service of establishing a company abroad.
Payment Integrations​
You will facilitate your cross border e-commerce process with payment management systems such as Paypal and Stripe when receiving payments from abroad.


3 - Enterprise Events

Cross Border E-Commerce Meetings by Iş Bank
Unlimited Consultancy
Enterprise Network Facility
Certificate Programs


4 - Cross Border E-Commerce Training Certificate Programs​

With the Worldef Enterprise package, you will benefit from the Sales Techniques Training and cross border e-commerce Expertise Training Certificate Programs in Amazon America for free to update and increase your knowledge on all issues related to cross border e-commerce.

Introduction to Amazon
Amazon FBA Training
Amazon MasterClass Training
Branding & SEO at Amazon
Useful Tools for Amazon 
Best Seller Products
X-Border Main Markets
Cross Border E-Commerce Government Incentives
Trademark & ​​Patent Registration
International Logistics, Customs & Returns
Online Payment Systems
Sales to Overseas Markets
       Burak Aykut
Sadra Mehrabi
Yusuf Tunç


Elif Serim
Göksel Aksu
İsmet Ergin
Government Incentives
Digital Marketing
Logistics & Customs


Paying System
Trademark & ​​Patent
Introduction to Overseas Markets


Online Cross Border E-Commerce Training​

100+ Hours of Training
Job and Internship Opportunity
Cross Border E-Commerce Webinars

What will you have with Cross Border E-Commerce Classroom Trainings?

60 Hours Training

Job and Internship Opportunity
Applied Trainings
Expertise Certificate

5 - Free ShipEntegra Software

Free ShipEntegra Software for 1 year will allow you to conveniently receive payments from any marketplace specific to Enterprise Pack Holders!

Enterprise Members can easily and securely connect their online stores to the system with ShipEntegra software while Crossbord E-Commercing and manage all their orders from different platforms in one place. One-touch cargo and customs can enter all the necessary data, even without notifying the customers, automatically transferring cargo numbers to stores in the online marketplace. This way, ShipEntegra software can instantly track shipments.

Online Store Management
Store Integration
Cargo Advantage