Ecom Leaders Club members evaluated gala-night

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Ecom Leaders Club (ELC) Gala Night gather e-commerce directors of famous brands.

Ecom Leaders Club (ELC) established WORLDEF with the main business partnership of Türkiye İş Bankası and Fortune Turkey media partnership gathered the e-commerce managers of the famous brands in Turkey in the gala night. ELC members that participated in the event that took the pulse of e-commerce evaluated the gala-night.

Ecom Leaders Club which is the first and only C-level e-commerce club of Turkey organised a gala night. The gala-night took got full marks from ELC members with the participation of managers and directors of the most important e-commerce companies in Turkey. ELC members evaluated the program.

Çağrı Ayten: This is R&D and we have lots of things to learn from each other.

Hoagard Co-Founder Çağrı Ayten indicated the importance of communication between e-commerce and cross-border e-commerce directors, CEOs or general directors and said, “This is R&D and we have lots of things to learn from each other. The new things discovered by some can bring another firm to the top. We have a great environment to share this. I think it is beneficial for that. Of course, when e-commerce and cross-border e-commerce leaders come together and share, the country develops and grows. This is a good activity for our country and cross-border e-commerce.”

Emre İlban: ELC took the first step to be a very important community.

E-Bebek E-Commerce Director Emre Şlban emphasised that Ecom Leaders Club took the first step to be a very important community and society and said, “We are gathered here from the sector and as e-commerce, entrepreneurs to expand our network in the sector outside the people who know watch other, follow the innovations in the e-commerce world and to organise as a single community. I hope that this will be a beneficial organisation in our sector with events and meetings.”

Levent Elmas: We are happy with networking.

Dagi Clothing E-Commerce Director Levent Elmas thanked ELC and said, “we are happy to talk with leader e-commerce directors in the sector and networking. A good environment, a good venue, a warm welcome… Thank you for everything.”

Mehmet Türkel: Our sector needs such an organisation.

Joker E-Commerce Director Mehmet Türkel said, “This organisation is valuable with all the efforts and work. I am happy to see the important shareholders and familiar faces of the sector. Our sector needs such organisation and communication. Therefore, I think it will be beneficial and people will find answers to important questions. We will try to contribute as much as we can.”

Özlem Can: Valuable groups leaders had valuable thought exchange

Derimod E-Commerce Director Özlem Can said, “We would like to thank you for this beautiful night. It is valuable to be here with group leaders and to exchange ideas. People who provide this are serving to something good. It is good to be here and I feel honoured.”

Uğur Akbıyık: This is a mission.

Rue Online E-Commerce Director Uğur Akbıyık used the following expressions. “These events are important. We need some unity as a result… We need to find solutions to the problems in the sector and help the sector with solution recommendations. This is a mission. I believe such an event and at the same time such an organisation is very important.”

Ecom Leaders Club: The largest e-commerce and cross-border e-commerce society of Turkey

Ecom Leaders Club is established with the vision to be the most important e-commerce and cross-border e-commerce society in Turkey. The club has important e-commerce managers in Turkey and gathers retail brands that want to be in e-commerce and cross-border e-commerce. ELC that enables retailers to improve their business with closed-circuit international experience sharing meetings give opportunities for e-commerce players in Turkey to collaborate with e-commerce players in different countries. The club aims to make the e-commerce ecosystem in Turkey into a society. The club has managers and directors from top 100 companies in e-commerce and cross-border e-commerce ecosystem. The club offers opportunities to members to sell global markets and develop business and it is only possible to become a member with a special invitation.

Ecom Leaders Club is organising B2B marketplace matchmaking meetings for the members. This way, members get the chance to sell on global marketplaces. Events with special guests such as global retail brand e-commerce directors are organised. Ecom Leaders Club organises round table meetings to consider sectoral problems and contribute to the development of the sector. The data obtained from these meetings are shared with collaborated public institutions and NGOs. This way, assumptions presented in the meetings for sectoral development serve a real purpose.

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