CrossBorder E-Commerce from A to Z hakkında ne dediler?
CrossBorder E-Commerce from A to Z hakkında Frequently Asked Questions
Is my book going to be signed to my name?

No, your book will be signed to your name if you want to purchase this way. For your signed copy, please contact us from our Contact Us page.

I did not like the book, can I return it?

No, there is no refund or returning policy.

Is there any shipment fee?

No, your book is delivered to your address with free shipment.

I ordered the book but I have not received the book yet. What should I do?

Our contracted cargo firm will inform you via SMS about your book delivery. If your book is not delivered yet, you can contact us by using our related phone numbers in Contact Us page.

When Will My CrossBorder E-Commerce from A to Z Book Reach Me?

Your book will be delivered to your address 3 days after it has been delivered to the cargo company.