If you have a goal to achieve an international career with strong business connections and to be fully prepared for the cross-border e-commerce world, an MBA programme on Business Administration and Cross-Border E-Commerce, organised with the World E-Commerce Forum, is here for you.

Started with the mission of creating awareness for Cross-Border E-Commerce, World E-Commerce Forum supports this theory and practice-based education programme in which participants could improve themselves to have a more respected, powerful position in the international competition while they gain a more active and productive standpoint.

This programme where Cross-Border E-Commerce lessons are predominantly taught will be the right to pave the way for your career. With its experts who do not separate Cross-Border E-Commerce practices and theories from each other, this MBA programme helps its graduates to make the right choice career-wise. It is also an innovative 2-years education programme that will provide the graduates with the necessary skills and experiences to gain accomplishment in today’s competitive and digitalised world. 

The programme will first start without thesis and ALES  will not be required. However, in the second term students will be free to choose a “graduate programme with the thesis”.

1. Who Can Participate?
✔ Those who aim a career in cross-border e-commerce specialising,
✔ University students with cross-border e-commerce career goals,
✔ Digital marketing specialists who have just started  their careers as e-commerce and cross-border e-commerce specialists,
✔ Company employees who would like to shape their future careers as cross-border e-commerce specialists,
✔ Specialists who have just begun to work within the departments of export, import and customs.
✔ Those who want to provide a cross-border e-commerce service as a freelancer,
✔ Senior executives who wish to give their companies a perspective based on cross-border e-commerce,
✔ Employers who have digital marketing goals,
✔ Small and medium-sized enterprises with international marketing goals,
✔ Students, employees and executives who choose to learn new business models.


2. Acquirements
✔ You will be specialised in cross-border e-commerce with this theory and practice-based education, 
✔ You will be fit for international marketing,
✔ You will learn how to receive payment from global payment systems like PayPal and Stripe.
✔ You will be introduced to global logistics and shipment systems,
✔ You will learn about cross-border digital marketing and content management,
✔ After graduating, you will be able to create a new  business method,
✔ You will find solutions for the problems you may come across in the business world during your cross-border e-commerce journey.
✔ With the help of professionals, you will have a better experience in crossborder e-commerce,
✔ By doing cross-border e-commerce, you will make your company eligible enough to make international sales,
3. Course Programme
4. Trainers
Ömer Nart
Orxan Isayev
Hakan Enes Ermiş
Ömer Arıkan
Murat Öztermiyeci
PTS Worldwide Express 
Executive Board Member
Gürcan Avcı
Keynes Danışmanlık
Bora Gülşeni
Is Bankası 
Assistant Manager Paym.Sys.Div.
Engin Kolat
Country Marketing Manager
Tunç Günbey
Digital Partners