Cross-Border E-Commerce Invoice Sample

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Cross-border e-commerce is the most practical way to open to global markets. With cross-border e-commerce invoice sample, firms can take firm steps in official procedures. Different from traditional export, cross-border e-commerce that offers important advantages for firms to sell in target markets abroad requires some procedures. For example, overseas incorporation, cross-border e-commerce invoice, customs procedures, logistic processes are some of the necessary procedures in cross-border e-commerce. The cross-border e-commerce invoice sample for the company to do cross-border e-commerce is among the most used documents. With cross-border e-commerce sample, it is possible to see things to consider invoicing for foreign sales.

What Is Cross-Border E-Commerce Invoice?

Cross-border e-commerce invoice is a necessary official procedure for cross-border e-commerce. Let’s talk about these procedures and some critical things with cross-border e-commerce sample! Firms that must prepare e-invoice prepare the exported product invoice as cross-border e-commerce invoice. If customs declaration form will be completed, invoices must be in cross-border e-commerce invoice form. If sales is micro export or for products not included in the customs declaration from, cross-border e-commerce invoice is not necessary. Here, customs declaration plays an important role. Cross-border e-commerce invoicing is valid for all company types. Firms need to be careful about certain things for cross-border e-commerce invoicing. The first one is whether Electronic Commerce Customs Declaration (ETGB) is prepared.

Micro Export and Electronic Commerce Customs Declaration

Micro export is all type of export below total of 15 thousand Euro and 300 kg weight. The product does not have to be sold with cross-border e-commerce. Electronic Commerce Customs Declaration (ETGB) must be prepared for all shipments under micro export. Micro export and ETGB eliminates expensive and long customs operations. These are important to send products in a fast and cheap way. Government promotions and taxes in other export types are valid for micro export. Micro export is often used for e-commerce and small shipments.

Cross-Border E-Commerce Invoice Sample

A cross-border e-commerce invoice sample prepared as e-archive invoice shows the parts to fill. The areas to be filled in these mandatory invoices are as follows:

  • Invoice type
  • Document No
  • Invoice date
  • Material/service code
  • Material/service description
  • Amount
  • Unit price
  • Discount amount/percentage
  • VAT amount/percentage
  • Tax exemption reason
  • Material/service amount
  • Amount payable

Cross-border e-commerce invoice sample prepared for a cross-border e-commerce to the USA:

With cross-border e-commerce invoice sample, firms can take firm steps in official procedures.
Cross-border e-commerce invoice sample

ETGB in cross-border e-commerce is prepared by international carrier firms or operators. Under 2009/15481 Cabinet Decree article 126 and Customs General Notification (Post and Fast Cargo Transportation Series No 1) published on 28/01/2010 in Gazette 27476, firms indirectly authorise carrier firm for ETGB. The firm accepts and undertakes the accuracy of the information on ETGB form. The form has “I declare and undertake that the exported good is not illegal, limited, permission requiring under the laws of the Republic of Turkey and accept all arising liabilities and responsibilities” statement.

ETGB form sample:

ETGB form sample:

Popular Questions About Cross-Border E-Commerce Invoice

Cross-border e-commerce invoice sample and cross-border e-commerce invoice information are the most popular searches in the ecosystem. How to invoice in cross-border e-commerce? Which information does cross-border e-commerce invoice sample have? How is cross-border e-commerce invoicing done? Firms that want to make cross-border e-commerce look for answers to these questions. Here are the answers for questions about cross-border e-commerce invoice…

  • Cross-border e-commerce invoice is prepare whether customs declaration is prepared for export without returns.
  • If the sender firm used e-archive and have not prepared customs declaration appendix, e-archive invoice is prepared; otherwise, printed invoice is prepared.
  • E-invoice taxpayers must prepare e-invoice in export.
  • Cross-border e-commerce invoice has sections such as unit price, delivery condition, information about the good, delivery location, tax office and tax number, GTİP number and customs tracking number.
  • For goods in the e-archive, cross-border e-commerce invoice is not prepared.

ETGB and Logistics Processes in Cross-Border E-Commerce

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