Cross-Border E-Commerce Government Supports and Incentives

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Government Aids and Incentives for Cross-border eCommerce

The government has notable incentives for Cross border eCommerce companies in the scope of their activities abroad. However, in order to benefit from these aids and incentives, you should not own a private company. Besides, the website must be prepared in the target country’s language. Products to be sold abroad through Crossborder eCommerce must be made in Turkey, as well. With the government aids that companies can easily benefit from by meeting these criteria, important steps can be taken for their growth. Government incentives for Crossborder investment include the essential needs to start the process, as well as the ones that can be used during the activity process.

Government Aids and Incentives

1. Registry and Protection Aid

This service refers to the expense items for the crossborder registry and protection of the products and services in the scope of Crossborder eCommerce or of the brands that are or registered in Turkey. This includes the brand, the research of registries and the service of patent office costs along with the necessary expenses. Registry renewal, on the other hand, is not included in this aid and the aid ratio is generally 60%.

2. Aid for the Foreign Market Research Travels

Foreign market exploration travels aid applies to 2 employees and 10+1 days at most for a maximum of 20 days and 3 countries. It includes plane, train or bus transportation costs, as well as rental car and accommodation costs. The aid ratio is about 70%.

3. Reporting Aid

The aid includes the market research received from the intuitions or prepared by the institutions that the ministry finds appropriate. It also includes data monitoring, evaluation activities, reports based on the companies or brands as well as the costs for the financial and legal analysis reports required to buy a foreign enterprise. However, the ministry preapproval is necessary to get the reporting aid. The aid ratio is about 60%.

4. Aid to Buy Hi-Tech Enterprise

Aid covers all the expenses regarding the reports based on the companies or brands as well as the costs for financial and legal reports needed for the transactions to buy a foreign enterprise. The ministry preapproval is necessary and the aid ratio is 75%.

5. Document Retrieval Aid

The aid is received in order to adapt to the technical details about the environment, quality, and human life, and it includes permission, license, certificate, counseling, education, and many other documentation costs. The aid covers the costs of document analysis, document use, documentation survey, mandatory registry fee, counseling, education, renewal and analysis costs. The aid ratio is around 50%.

6. Rent Aid for the Cross border Unit

This aid supports the costs regarding the gross rent and commission including taxes, photos, fees of eCommerce companies and their cross border units. The store, kiosk, office, warehouse and section aid for industrial-commercial companies is about 50%. The store, kiosk, office, warehouse, and section aid for commercial companies is about 40%.

7. Cross border Ad and Promotion Aid

The aid supports every ad, promotion, marketing, sponsorship, TV commercials, radio commercials, newspaper and journal advertisements, social media ads, outdoor advertising, and special launch costs such as cocktails, conferences, seminars or product launches that Cross border eCommerce companies need to organize. For companies with or without any branches abroad %60 aid is supplied in various countries.

8. Fair Aid

The aid covers 50% of the fairs that are organized abroad by the Cross border eCommerce companies. However, the total costs can vary between general and sector-specific fairs. Top-line fairs, on the other hand, are aided for a maximum of 2 years.

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