Cross-Border E-Commerce from A to Z

Orxan Isayev - Ömer Nart

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About This Book

Cross-border e-commerce is a field with the potential to offer an exit point to economically challenging days of our country in addition to benefits in the commercial field. Currently, cross-border e-commerce is mandatory rather than a choice for our SMEs. As it is well-known, accelerated digitalisation and easier global communication have increased the importance of cross-border e-commerce. Statista data provides us with important insights. As of 2018, while the share of cross-border e-commerce in total retail commerce in the US and EU countries were 11%, this is only around 3.5% in our country. Based on this data, we can clearly say that cross-border e-commerce has great potential in terms of the path to be followed.

Certain legal regulations such as ETGB has opened the way for cross-border e-commerce. Just like we send products to İzmir or Van with traditional e-commerce, we can easily send the same products to Germany, Russia or the Gulf countries. However, it is important to consider some topics when entering international markets. Each region has different customs regulations, payment and logistic infrastructure and different consumer behaviours.

In this book, you will learn the details of cross-border e-commerce and things to consider in cross-border e-commerce. You will learn various topics including payment systems, overseas incorporation, logistic customs and returns, government incentives and brand patent registrations!

We wish this Cross-Border E-Commerce from A to Z that started with the mission to create cross-border e-commerce mobilization in Turkey aids individuals in public institutions such as Ministry of Industry and Technology, Ministry of Commerce, Chambers of Commerce and Industry as well as private institutions and researchers in this field.

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First Edition: April 2019
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What Is Cross-Border E-Commerce?

Main Markets in Cross-Border E-Commerce

Cross-Border E-Commerce Brand Registration

Creating E-Commerce Infrastructure for Cross-Border E-Commerce

Cross-Border E-Commerce Government Promotions

Overseas Incorporation

Cross-Border Digital Marketing

Payment Methods in Cross-Border E-Commerce

Logistic and Returning Processes in Cross-Border E-Commerce

Region-Based Marketplace Sales

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What Did They Say About Cross-Border E-Commerce from A to Z Book?

Süleyman Orakçıoğlu <small class="font-weight-normal">Orka Group Board<br> Chairman</small>
Süleyman Orakçıoğlu Orka Group Board
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I would like to thank WORLDEF for guiding the sector with their cross-border e-commerce efforts. We need to combine e-commerce and cross-border e-commerce with the start-up spirit. I believe we will reshape our future with cross-border e-commerce if we use this energy correctly.
Ramazan Altınay <small class="font-weight-normal"> International Business Development Director</small>
Ramazan Altınay International Business Development Director
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E-commerce is highly popular in Turkey and grows approximately 30% every year. Cross-border e-commerce was missing in e-commerce and someone must take a step towards this area. I congratulate WORLDEF for this hard job.
İsmail Gülle <small class="font-weight-normal"> President of Turkish Exporters Assembly<br></small>
İsmail Gülle President of Turkish Exporters Assembly
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I congratulate WORLDEF for their work. As Turkish Exporters Assembly, we believe cross-border e-commerce is extremely important for the rise of our economy.
Mehmet Metin Okur <small class="font-weight-normal">Sefamerve CEO</small>
Mehmet Metin Okur Sefamerve CEO
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In the next 5 years, Turkey will develop with cross-border e-commerce and WORLDEF took the first step. WORLDEF teaches this challenging road that we hit the wall for 5 years in just 2 days. They are amazingly leading the ecosystem. Congratulations!

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