Çağdaş Yeşilbağ: Good content on global marketplaces will increase sales

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Çağdaş Yeşilbağ participated to webinar organised by İstanbul Chamber of Commerce (İTO).

WORLDEF ENTERPRISE Senior Consultant Miraç Çağdaş Yeşilbağ signalled the importance of global online marketplace sales during coronavirus pandemic and stated that “the basis to start cross-border e-commerce or e-export is to have good command in the language, currency and consumer habits of the target region.” Yeşilbağ signalled that good content will increase sales in cross-border e-commerce and global marketplaces.

Çağdaş Yeşilbağ participated to webinar organised by İstanbul Chamber of Commerce (İTO). “Sales Strategies in Global Marketplaces During COVID-19” webinar was moderated by Aytaç Mestçi, CEO of Markefront. Yeşilbaş who presented in the webinar shared his experience and knowledge about the differences between e-export and cross-border e-commerce, importance of digital marketing in online marketplaces, effects of logistic and storage services in cross-border e-commerce.

Çağdaş Yeşilbağ participated to webinar organised by İstanbul Chamber of Commerce (İTO).

“The first step in cross-border e-commerce is to have good command in the language, currency and consumer habits of the region.”

Çağdaş Yeşilbağ emphasised that cross-border e-commerce is bidirectional. Yeşilbaş stated that the first direction is export and added, “This step is directly selling products from Turkey to abroad. The second direction is cross-border e-commerce. Cross-border e-commerce is selling to target regions with warehouses and companies in these regions. Both steps have the same contribution to the country in terms of export. But these two concepts are different in operational terms. The basic steps for e-commerce and cross-border e-commerce lies in the command to language, currency and consumer habits of that region.”

Çağdaş Yeşilbağ: Good content increases sales

Çağdaş Yelşilbağ

Yeşilbağ indicated the importance of photographs and content for sales in online marketplaces and the critical role of visual and textual content for e-marketplaces. Yeşilbağ said, “In terms of store front, there is no difference between global online marketplaces and physical stores. In physical stores, sellers show their best products in the front. In online marketplaces, products photographs are our store front in the e-commerce website.”

Yeşilbağ emphasised that one of the most important elements in online marketplaces is the anxiety of findability. Yeşilbağ indicated that it is not easy to get noticed among more than 1.5 billion products on global online marketplaces and said, “when we say findability, written content is in the agenda. The easier customers are directed to the website with written content, the better. The key for this is to find the right terms. Good content on global marketplaces will increase sales Online marketplaces protect the best-selling sellers. Because they get commission as the products are sold.”

“The problem of Turkey is brand recognition”

Miraç Yeşilbağ that stated “price policy of the brand on online marketplaces is important as well” and emphasised that first step for price policy in any category is brand recognition. Experienced cross-border e-commerce expert continued as follows: “the problem of Turkey is brand recognition. For example, you manufacture the cheapest t-shirt of the world but the high price comes from brand recognition. Factors that set the price are not only the logistic costs and products costs. Online marketplace commissions, return rates, additional costs in export operations also determine the price. Therefore, all these factors should be calculated carefully.”

“Fulfillment centers decrease costs”

Çağdaş Yeşilbağ also explained things to do about storage and logistics operations for cross-border e-commerce success. Yeşilbağ indicated that export operation is undertaken to send a product from Turkey to a buyer abroad and import operation is undertaken when the product is returned and emphasised that product cost in cross-border e-commerce could be 10-15 Euro and this cost might increase to 42-43 Euro in case of return.

Yeşilbağ said, “therefore, you need to manage returns in export region and have warehouse services. For that, you need to establish a company in that region. If your trade volume is not as high as to form your own operation, you can collaborate for warehouses. There are firms that offer warehouse services to cross-border e-commerce firms. Additionally, there are firms that offer fulfillment warehouses services to cross-border e-commerce firms. These firms can also do mounting and packing. Fulfillment centres decrease operation and shipment costs.”

“Good digital content saves time and money.”

WORLDEF Senior Consultant provided important information about digital marketing. Çağdaş Yeşilbağ emphasised that e-commerce is more advantageous than traditional trade and stated that e-commerce is dominant due to lower sales, logistic and marketing costs. He indicated the importance of digital marketing and said, “Digital world makes it easier to reach target audience. If you sell on your e-commerce website, you can be one step ahead of your competitors with search engine optimisation and SEO works. In online marketplaces, you can highlight your products with digital marketing applications or activities. Digital marketing is an expertise and should be at the hearth of the firm. Good digital content saves time and money.”

“Products must address to the consumer of that country”

Yeşilbağ who shared correct target country selection in cross-border e-commerce in the webinat stated that starting cross-border e-commerce with countries that have trade agreements with Turkey will bring advantages. Çağdaş Yeşibağ emphasised three main topics at this point and said, “trade agreements between countries, geographical closeness to logistic operations and whether the products address to the consumers in the target country should be considered.”

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