Applied SEO Management Training

Search Engine Optimisation is a strategic method for e-commerce sales targets. You will get closer to your strategic targets with SEO management training!

1. General Information

SEO Administration

Quota: 30 people

2 Days - 14 Hours

Speciality Certificate



Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is a must-have for firms that want to do e-commerce. With SEO, it is possible to gain a competitive advantage and be one step ahead. Effective SEO management can carry the e-commerce website to the top on the search engines.

You can be one step ahead in cross-border e-commerce with SEO Management Training. In SEO Management Training, you will learn new ways to rank higher on search engines with your e-commerce website and gain new knowledge about how search engines work, trend SEO applications, correct URL structure and SEO-friendly content.

2. Learning Outcomes

3. Who Can Join?

Advantages of Training

Career Mentorship

Online Certificate Option

Internship & Job Opportunities

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Applied SEO Management Training Topics

Marketplace Sales

Cross-Border Market Analysis

Amazon MasterClass Training

Introduction to Amazon

Branding & SEO on Amazon

Most Popular Amazon Products

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İsmail Nart
İsmail NartE-Ticaret Uzmanı
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Amazon Eğitim Sertifika Programıyla,’u daha detaylı kullanmayı öğrenerek, global ölçekte vizyonlar edindim. Böyle geniş ölçekli bir pazar yerinde satışlarımı arttırmanın çeşitli yollarını da keşfettim.
Turan Parlak
Turan ParlakWessi Uluslararası Satış Yöneticisi
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Amazon Eğitimi Sertifika Programı gayet verimliydi. Kafamdaki soru işaretleri büyük oranda yanıt bulmuş oldu. Artık Amazon’u daha efektif şekilde kullanabileceğim.

5. Training Content

1) Introduction to SEO and On-Page SEO

  • What Is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?
  • How do search engine bots work?
  • What is deepbot, how it works?
  • What is a fresh bot, how it works?
  • How does indexing happen?
  • Current search engine algorithms and principles
  • Adapting to changing SEO algorithms

2) On-Page SEO

  • Meta tags (title, description, keywords etc.) and how to use them
  • On-page correct URL structure (link extension, external and internal links, broken links, nofollow, dofollow)
  • H tags (H1, H2 etc.) and correct use of H tags
  • Image optimisation (width-height, meta tag, file size)
  • Adding site maps
  • Creating “.txt” file
  • Creating an internal link structure
  • External link and things to consider
  • Paging meta tag usage and applications
  • Canonical usage and best practices
  • Things to consider when creating “404” page
  • 3xx, 4xx, 5xx response codes and editing
  • Why text/HTML ratio is important?

3) Page speed

  • What is page speed, how can you make page speed optimisation?
  • Effect of server response speed on SEO and things to consider
  • What is AMP? AMP examples.
  • Speed tests tools and how to use them

4) Search Console and Effective Use Applications

  • What is SC, why should you use it?
  • How can you use “retrieve” property like Google?
  • Search analytics report and analysis
  • Sending sitemap
  • Analysing incoming links to your website
  • What are manual operations, how can you exit manual operations?
  • Structural data – & microformats
  • Browsing errors and analysis
  • txt test tool use

5) Content Management and Competitor Analysis Content

  • What is a keyword search?
  • Which tools are used for keyword search?
  • How can you make a competitor analysis?
  • Blogs and effective traffic generating strategies
  • SEO-friendly content writing strategies

6) Competitor and Sector Analysis

  • Ahrefs and usage for backlink analysis
  • SEMRush and usage for backlink analysis
  • Topic explorer and usage for backlink analysis

7) Using Crawl Tools

  • Screamingfrog and usage for on-page technical analysis

8) Local SEO

  • What Is Google My Business?
  • How to create and apply local SEO strategies?

9) Off-Page SEO and Building Backlinks

  • Backlink analysis
  • Link profile analysis
  • How to determine backlink strategies?
  • Creative link building techniques
  • Backlink analysis tools
  • Backlink acquisition methods
  • Backlink versatility
  • Competitor backlink analysis

10) Google Penalities

  • Sandbox
  • Duplicate content problem and solutions
  • Google Disavow tool

11) Rank Tracking

  • Algorithm change monitoring (algoroo)
  • Google Alert
  • Ranking monitoring tools, SEOMonitor
  • SEO monitoring with Google Analytics
  • Website monitoring with Uptimerobot
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