Applied Digital Marketing Management Training

Do you want to become a digital marketing expert with digital marketing management training? Reach your e-commerce sales targets in a shorter time with new generation marketing techniques!

1. General Information


Quota: 30 people

2 Days - 14 Hours

Speciality Certificate



With digital marketing management training, you will use technological tools and learn about art to impress consumers! You can manage new generation marketing tools with ideal methods to reach your e-commerce sales targets easier. In this training, you will learn detailed information about digital marketing channels. You will gain knowledge on various topics from digital marketing management tips to setting KPI, from digital ad media to target market analysis. Strategic decisions in digital marketing strategies that have an important place especially for e-commerce will lead to strategic results. This is why you will need professional steps for digital marketing management!

2. Learning Outcomes

3. Who Can Join?

Advantages of Training

Career Mentorship

Online Certificate Option

Internship & Job Opportunities

4. Instructors


Applied Digital Marketing Management Training Topics

Cross-Border E-Commerce Infrastructure

Marketplace Sales

Marketplace Sales

What did they say about Applied Digital Marketing Management Training?

İsmail Nart
İsmail NartE-Commerce Expert
Read More
I learned digital marketing techniques in Applied Digital Marketing Management Training Program. This way, I gained a global-scale vision. I discovered different ways to increase my sales in different markets.
Turan Parlak
Turan ParlakWessi International Sales Manager
Read More
Applied Digital Marketing Management Training was really efficient. I got answers to my questions. Now, I can use digital marketing techniques more effectively.

5. Training Content

1) Introduction to Digital Marketing and Basic Concepts

  • What Is Digital Marketing? Who Is Digital Marketing Expert?
  • Introduction to Digital Marketing Channels
  • What Is Omnichannel Digital Marketing, What Do You Need to Know About Management?
  • Digital Marketing Basic Concepts
  • KPI Setting and Important KPI Definitions
  • Purpose and Target Setting in Digital Marketing
  • Digital Marketing Conversion Funnel Definition
  • Important Tools in Omnichannel Digital Marketing Management
  • Digital Ad Media and Effective Use Examples
  • Data and ROI-Focused Digital Marketing
  • Latest Digital Marketing Technologies and Usage Areas

2) Target Audience Analysis in Digital Marketing

  • Target Audience Identification and Using Market Opportunities
  • What Is Target Audience Analysis, Which Method Do You Need?
  • Important Digital Tools for Target Audience Analysis
  • Creating Customer Persona
  • Target Audience Analysis for Two Different Sectors

3) Target Audience Segmentation

  • What Is Segmentation, Why Do You Need It?
  • Target Audience Segmentation Methods
  • Effective Digital Tool Use for Segmentation
  • Segment Target Audience and Market Size Estimation
  • Workshop: Preparing Target Audience and Segment Presentation

4) Competitor Analysis in Digital

  • Competitor Identification Methods with Digital Analysis
  • Tools for Competitor Analysis and Effective Use
  • Workshop: Preparing SWOT Analysis for Our Business and Competitors

5) User Experience and User Interface Development

  • User Experience and Basics
  • What Is User Experience?
  • Position and Benefits
  • Main Concepts
  • Research Processes
  • Target determination
  • Creating a Persona
  • User Interviews and Scenarios
  • Competition Analysis
  • Card Sorting
  • Design Processes
  • Design and Prototyping Tools
  • Creating Sketch and WI frame
  • Prototyping
  • Visual Design Principles
  • Typography and Colour Use
  • User Experience Tests
  • Why Do You Do It and What Are the Benefits?
  • Laboratory Test
  • Remote User Test
  • Guerrilla User Test and A/B Test
  • Test Results and Analysis
  • Interface Development
  • UX/UI/FE Loyalty
  • Responsive Design
  • Working with Libraries
  • Optimization

  • You can check “Who Can Join” field under the training title or call Worldef Business School to learn more. Some training might require a minimum education level.
  • Training is organised in Worldef Business School training halls, Shangri-La Hotel meeting rooms, training halls in institutions offering education and training services and various training halls.
  • The instructors are the Worldef Business School instructors and expert professional in their own field.
  • Training can be provided with desired standards after meeting with the organisation following the training demand. After training standards are identified, Worldef Business School will send a training offer to the organization.



  • Applied Digital Marketing Management Training Program participants can pay with Credit Card and Bank Wire/EFT method.
  • 12 Instalment to Credit Card, Payment with Bank Wire, 15% Discount Offer for 3 or More People!
  • Applied Digital Marketing Management Training with 25% Early Registration Discount!

Certificate Conditions

Participants with a minimum 80% success after Applied Digital Marketing Management Training will have Cross-Border E-Commerce Speciality Certificate. Users can use this certificate on other platforms.

Job and Internship Opportunities

Participants can have internship and job opportunities in national and international partners of Worldef.

Mentorship Support

Basic level mentorship service is offered to participants after the Applied Digital Marketing Management Training Program.

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Applied Digital Marketing Management Training


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