1. General Information

Quota: 30 Participants
2 Day - Total 16 Hours
Basic and Intermediate
WORLDEF Plaza Umraniye
The Speciality Certificate

Amazon Sales Techniques in America Training Camp is an offline classroom training program with 5 Modules and 16 hours planned with the contribution of 3 different instructors with million-dollar stores on Amazon.

Amazon Sales Techniques Training Program is designed to answer the questions “How can I exist in Amazon?’ from A to Z and aims to make individuals and companies sell by providing Amazon guidance. Participant awareness about opportunities of selling on Amazon, opening a merchant account, selling with Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), and selling in Amazon America with all other modules, especially on the most preferred products in Amazon are supported.

Unlike regular Amazon Training programs, it is modeled in a practical way to respond to the wishes of participants who want to specialize in selling in Amazon, or who have already started selling in Amazon.


2. Achievements Gained by the Program
  • You will learn the basic level of information required for Amazon expertise in detail,
  • You will have the opportunity to learn many topics such as Branding & SEO, Amazon FBA and MasterClass Training at Amazon Training Camp,
  • You will be a certified Amazon Training Expert,
  • After the training, you will be able to create a new roadmap for your initiatives by selling in Amazon,
  • Throughout your sales journey at Amazon, you'll get a lot of practical information you'll need in your ways of doing business,
  • After the training, you will have the opportunity to improve your expertise by reinforcing what you have learned at Amazon Training Camp,
  • The mentoring support from trainers working in major brands in Turkey's export sector will facilitate the process.

3. Who Can Participate? 

  • Those aiming a career as Amazon specialist,
  • University students with Amazon career goals,
  • E-commerce, Cross Border E-Commerce or Digital Marketing experts who recently started their career,
  • Company employees who want to direct their career as Amazon specialist,
  • New experts in the export, import and customs departments of companies,
  • Those who want to provide Amazon as Freelancer,
  • Middle and senior executives who want to direct their company by opening a store in Amazon,
  • Those who want to earn additional revenue by selling in Amazon America,
  • Business owners who want to increase their sales targets by having a store in Amazon.


Eğitimin Avantajları

Easy Learning
Intership & Job 
Carrier Mentoring

4. Our Trainers

The best cross border e-commerce training provided by expert trainers in Turkey's export sector.

Orxan Isayev 
Aşkın Yeşilyurt
La Store
Tunahan Korkmaz
Asistant Manager
5. Amazon Training Program
Introduction to Amazon
Amazon FBA Training
Amazon MasterClass 
 SEO & Branding in Amazon
Useful Tools for Amazon
Best Selling Amazon Products 
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