World E-Commerce Forum (Worldef) is coming to Antalya with Mediterranean Cross Border E-Commerce Conference 2019.

Are you ready?  

In order to draw attention to Turkey's growing e-commerce and ensure that local manufacturers and exporters can e-commerce in the international arena, we welcome you to our meeting.

Our goal is to enable people who want to do cross border e-commerce to perform electronic exports more actively in digital environments and make you aware of this issue.

The meeting will provide information about cross border e-commerce in relation to the latest applications in the world, modern trends and practical solutions to our local manufacturers, the leading company managers and businesses in the region on electronic exports by professional industry experts.

The Mediterranean Cross Border E-Commerce Conference is coming to bring together all the dynamics of e-commerce of the city so that our manufacturers can compete with the e-commerce giants in the international arena.

Let's meet at the biggest Mediterranean e-commerce conference of the year.



Speakers Over than 30 professionals in 15 different fields is waiting for you.

Cahit Urfan Cahit Urfan

Cahit Urfan

Antalya Province Chairman
Ömer Nart Ömer Nart

Ömer Nart

Orhan Aydın Orhan Aydın

Orhan Aydın

General President
İsmail Gülle İsmail Gülle

İsmail Gülle

Rıza Tuna Turagay Rıza Tuna Turagay

Rıza Tuna Turagay

Deputy Minister of Trade
Ethem Eliaçık Ethem Eliaçık

Ethem Eliaçık

Head Of Department
Ömer Arıkan Ömer Arıkan

Ömer Arıkan

Founder and CEO
Burak Kılıç Burak Kılıç

Burak Kılıç

Country Manager
Orxan Isayev Orxan Isayev

Orxan Isayev

Training Coordinator
Hakan Güldağ Hakan Güldağ

Hakan Güldağ

Editor in Chief
Kenan Bozgeyik Kenan Bozgeyik

Kenan Bozgeyik

General Manager
Celal Toprak Celal Toprak

Celal Toprak

Economicy Manager
Kerem Kalkancı Kerem Kalkancı

Kerem Kalkancı

Mert Kahya Mert Kahya

Mert Kahya

Turkey Manager
Tunç Günbey Tunç Günbey

Tunç Günbey

Founder and CEO
Hakan Enes Ermiş Hakan Enes Ermiş

Hakan Enes Ermiş

Chief of Consultancy Office
İbrahim Güman İbrahim Güman

İbrahim Güman

Operations Manager
Ahmet Emre Bükcü Ahmet Emre Bükcü

Ahmet Emre Bükcü

Tolga Duman Tolga Duman

Tolga Duman

Gözde Tolongüç Gözde Tolongüç

Gözde Tolongüç

Foreign Trade Manager
Yaman Alpata Yaman Alpata

Yaman Alpata

Regional Manager of Business Development
Emre İlban Emre İlban

Emre İlban

E-Commerce Director
Burak Aykut Burak Aykut

Burak Aykut

Çağrı Ayten Çağrı Ayten

Çağrı Ayten

Önder Türker Önder Türker

Önder Türker

E-Commerce Director

Schedule Of Conference Over than 30 Professionals

08:30 09:30
Cahit Urfan Askon- Antalya Chairman
Ömer Nart Worldef - Chairman
Orhan Aydın Askon - General Manager
İsmail Gülle TİM - President
Rıza Tuna Turagay Deputy Minister of Trade
10:20 10:30
Presenting and Collecting Gifts
Ethem Eliaçık İş Bankası - Head Of Deparment
Ömer Arıkan T-SOFT - CEO
Burak Kılıç UPS - Country Manager
11:25 11:45
Network Break Network Break
Hakan Güldağ Dünya Gazetesi - Editor In Chief
Halil Tokel Turkish Cargo - CEO
Kenan Bozgeyik PTT - General Manager
İbrahim Kırcova Yıldız Teknik University - Academician
Celal Toprak TGRT Haber - Director of Economics
Kerem Kalkancı Pro Translate - Founder
Mert Kahya Admitad - Country Manager
Tunç Günbey Digital Partners - CEO
13:15 14:00
Hakan Enes Ermiş Worldef - Chief Consulting Officer
Ahmet Emre Bükcü Keynes Consultancy - Founder
Tolga Duman Inter Patent - General Manager
15:15 15:45
Network Break Network Break
Gözde Tolongüç AOSB - Foreign Trade Manager
Yaman Alpata Ali Express - Regional Manager of Business Development
Emre İlban E-Bebek - E-Commerce Director
Burak Aykut Antdecor - Founder
Çağrı Ayten Hoagard - Co Founder
Önder Türker Patırtı - E-Commerce Direktor
World E-Commerce Forum (WORLDEF)

Worldef is a national and international organization offering a meaningful contribution to Turkey's capacity and power of manufacturing with e-commerce by establishing strong cooperations. The organization aims Turkey to become a regional centre of e-commerce by making e-commerce easier and more accessible for our retail brands and SMEs and thus increasing the share in the international arena.


The purpose of ASKON is to increase the competitiveness of member businesses and our country, to fight against injustice and to contribute to the shaping of economic life on a moral basis. ASKON is an organization that produces justified wealth for the reshaping of our country and the world based on justice.

Take your place at the 2nd Mediterranean Cross Border E-Commerce Conference on December 14th, where experts will be present!

We are waiting for you to Mediterranean Cross Boarder E-Commerce Conference 2019


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Mediterranean Cross Border E-Commerce Conference 2019
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