8 Ways to Improve Your Cross Border Sales

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Cross-border sales are as old as the history of trade.

Cross border eCommerce is an old concept dating back to the history of commerce. Since the emergence of commerce, it is known that commerce activities have taken place among different cities and countries. The sustainability of Cross border eCommerce, on the other hand, is shaped correspondingly due to the changing eras and developments in technology.

Online marketing channels emerging from their close interaction with our daily life, bring new meanings to transnational commerce. Along with discovering the use of the Internet as a means of commerce, Cross border eCommerce and online marketing concepts have rapidly entered the world of enterprises and individuals. Due to the increase in Cross border eCommerce especially in the last years, it is possible to increase the sales considerably while shaping a commerce method free from borders, regions and from even time. E-commerce emerges as a new and profitable commerce method applied by online marketing channels.

There are plenty of suggestions for entrepreneurs who wish to take place in online marketing, which plays an immense role in the future of e-commerce and carry out commercial operations in international markets to increase their sales through this method. Here you can see the 8 important ways to increase your cross border sales:

1- Accurately Calculate the Costs of Starting a Job

You should accurately calculate the energy and the financial costs of each step you will take before transoceanic commerce activities while estimating the costs, because the eCommerce conditions that are valid abroad may differ from the means and costs of your country. You can start your Cross border eCommerce activities more efficiently, firmly and profitably by taking action after thorough research.

2- Invest in Marketing Research

The first step to understand whether a Cross border e-Commercial activity will be profitable or not is to determine if the product in question is drawing attention in the target countries. This requires a deep analysis of the demand for the product in question and its worth in the markets abroad. You can access a great deal of credential online information on the subject. With the help of the search engines, you can use the keywords to reach e-commerce researches and trending topics. You can make your searches both region-wise and country-wise.

3- Use the Language of the Customer

People from other countries generally do not feel secure on a website providing its service with a different language. Therefore, it is quite important to contact customers in their language in order to achieve success in Cross border eCommerce. Preparing online stores in different languages and activating them plays an indispensable role to increase the sales of entrepreneurs who are marketing their products online.

4- Use Different Payment Methods

According to research conducted in 2014, the variety in payment methods has been an important key factor in increasing the cross border sales. If you provide customers the freedom of choice in this sense, you take away the customer’s worry about fraud trust and make them feel more comfortable in doing cross border shopping. It is also important to show the prices of the products, sold in Cross border eCommerce websites, in local currencies. This method establishes a trustworthy experience in cross border shopping while it also increases customers’ trust in that brand.

5- Collaborate with the Courier Companies

Researches made on eCommerce show the significant role of the choice of courier companies. By keeping the delivery and tracking services at competitive levels and creating alternative courier options, you can achieve a dramatic decrease in the abandonment ratio.

6- Use Social Media to Decrease Marketing Costs

Today most of the brand-building processes and ad campaigns are handled via social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many other global platforms enable easy contact with millions of customers abroad. It is quite crucial for you to use social media as a means of campaigning and marketing in order to achieve your goals. You might achieve this through “influencers” who address the masses and bloggers. This will increase the credibility of your products and amount of interest to them.

7- Find Financial Support for Your Cross border eCommerce Activities

Although making your commerce cross border seems tempting and profitable, make sure you have all the financial support you need before taking further steps in Cross border eCommerce. For instance, you can collaborate with a bank, manage your cash flow more efficiently and get support in international payment solutions as well.

8- Avoid Fraud by Taking Precautions

Fraud is an important issue not only for Cross border eCommerce but for every industry. The fraud risk manifests itself over different dynamics in Cross border eCommerce, and requires you to act with an efficient prevention plan against it. In this sense, working with a safe and professional payment provider is of great significance.

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