6 Ways of Being Customer-Driven

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In the world of e-commerce and e-export, being customer-driven is exactly the combination of these points.

Every organization or business based on to meet specific needs, solve problems, and meet demands. If there is no customer requesting the product or service your company offers, there is no point in running your business. In short, your customers are actually the ones who conduct the business, pay the salaries of your employees and make a profit. In turn, it is necessary to be able to care about their problems, to work hard to produce products that make their lives easier and to be careful in getting rid of all the drawbacks on the way to success. Being customer-driven in the world of eCommerce and cross border eCommerce there include these.

A customer-driven organization is a place where every process begins and ends with customer satisfaction. This is a culture rather than an activity. It is an ideology rather than an isolated action. Having a customer-driven strategy directs the efforts of your employees in your organization and helps you to retain your current customers and make a profit. Here are the ways to be followed in order to be customer-driven in eCommerce and cross border eCommerce and the values that this culture will bring to companies;

1. Make Customer Satisfaction One of Your Values

Even before you start implementing it, being customer-driven should be part of your company’s philosophy. This may seem like a formality, this philosophy will make a profound impact on your company’s business strategy, attitude towards customer problems, and how your employees perceive customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction should always be in the first place and studies should be performed for this purpose.

2. Create Awareness in Your Company

In the world of e-commerce and cross border eCommerce, customer-driven is not just a term. It is an attitude towards doing business that can bring long-term profit and increase brand value. The effects are concrete and can be calculated over time. Companies with a customer-driven approach have a higher value than their competitors. To create a customer-driven understanding in your company, you need to create awareness about it. It will be difficult to achieve customer orientation unless the majority of your organization truly believes in its impact and benefits.

3. Put Customer Satisfaction First

When you put your customers beyond anything, you actually choose the most important stakeholder in your business. As mentioned before, customers are the most important factor in paying the salaries and bringing you profits. Staying in line with your core values, each person in your organization must understand the importance of your customers and be able to sacrifice other tasks to ensure satisfaction to the customers.

4. Reward your Employees

To be customer-driven in the world of eCommerce and cross border eCommerce, every aspect of your company must act to create the optimum customer experience. For this to happen, you must have a team motivated by personal gains when customer satisfaction is achieved. Smart companies achieve this by associating customer satisfaction with the growth of their employees and incentives. The easiest way to achieve this would be to reward the employees who have shown extra effort in solving customer problems.

5. Make Everyone Empathise with Customers

When you want to build a customer-driven culture in your organization, you should do more than just focusing on your customer service department. Everyone needs to be involved in this understanding and understand what customers really want. This includes your product development and engineering teams, sales and service departments, and your company’s key decision-makers. When the middle and lower-level employees in the company see that their senior management is also striving to play an active role in customer satisfaction, they begin to give more value to it.

6. Celebrate Customer Success

Unlike traditional organizations, customer-driven companies’ relationships with their customers do not only end with the delivery of services and products. They are equally concerned about the real value they provide to customers. They celebrate any success of their customers on a large or small scale. In addition, companies with this understanding do not hesitate to extend a helping hand when customers find it difficult to achieve full-service value. Try creating a culture in your company that celebrates everything from acquiring, hiring, and retaining customers, to renewing.

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