4 Major Trends in Digital Marketing

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Digital marketing; It consists of many moving parts such as SEO, social media, marketing automation, PPC and others.

Digital marketing consists of many dynamic parts such as SEO, social media, marketing automation, PPC and so on. New technologies, techniques and ever-changing Google and Facebook algorithms keep many digital marketing teams on tenterhooks. The biggest work of advertising and marketing agencies is to be aware of upcoming trends and thus to keep customers active in their digital marketing campaigns.

Although the way businesses used marketing campaigns has changed over the years however the reasons have not changed. Every business wants to reach its ideal customer when they need. With the emergence of new technologies, the way companies reach their customers has to evolve and adapt in the same way.

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Here is the list of the digital marketing trends in eCommerce today:

1. Chatbots

Over the last few years, we have begun to communicate more and more with chatbots. With the development of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, bots can become more complex and capable of fulfilling more complex requests. It can be observed that cross-border eCommerce companies have a good relationship with these digital marketing tools.

In 2020, this technology will continue to be further developed, made perfect and incorporated into company websites. Thanks to these new technologies, website customer services are becoming faster and more efficient day by day. Therefore, if digital marketing trends are followed in cross-border eCommerce, the presence of chatbots should not be ignored.

2. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has been involved in cross-border eCommerce and digital marketing trends for several years and it doesn’t look like it will disappear anytime soon. Influencers were seen as big celebrities or “internet celebrities” with tens of thousands of followers, but now, companies can use social media users as digital marketing tools that can give access to much smaller audiences to be impressive and look more intimate. Using influential people on social media, called influencers or phenomena, enables companies to reach their target audience through a voice that they trust. Companies that are using influencer marketing achieve more efficient results than companies using other digital marketing tools. Influence marketing, which is a very popular method among cross-border eCommerce digital marketing trends, makes it almost certain to get successful results when used with accurate demographic researches.

3. Content Marketing

Content marketing, another method of digital marketing trends in cross-border eCommerce, does not only show your customers or readers of your pages, your articles or content blended with knowledge and expertise but also it determines your position in the search engines.

In short, content marketing fosters the heat that is necessary for search engine optimization (SEO), thus making gains in content creation constant. In 2020, focusing on creating interactive content and videos will make it easier to warm up to the trends that will come up in the coming years and to become a competitive winner.

4. Video Marketing

Video marketing was seen as a digital marketing obligation in 2019 and was one of the most frequently used digital marketing tools. In the last quarter of 2019 and in 2020, it is certain that it will be among the digital marketing trends of eCommerce. When it is desired to keep up with the cross-border eCommerce digital marketing trends, as well as adding a video to social networks and sites, producing live video content will be very useful. Facebook Live and Instagram Live live videos meet with users 3 times more than non-live videos.

The marketing advantages of these new technological developments can open the door to incredible potential if used correctly by companies. It is very important to use such innovations correctly in order to be the winner of the competition in the sector. Digital marketing tools will continue to provide benefits to companies far beyond the expectations.

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