10 Things Every Cross border eCommerce Specialist Should Follow

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There are some key indicators for e-export success.

One of the most important rules for achieving success in Cross border eCommerce is to give more importance to the Cross border eCommerce activities. Despite the extreme effort you have put into these activities, not controlling these regularly, not paying attention to certain metrics and not analyzing the steps that you have taken may hinder your success.

Even if you have a system with a great infrastructure, you should have good knowledge of the process by checking certain indicators regularly and act rapidly when needed. While analyzing your success through the things you have done for the content of your customers, you should also analyze the disadvantages they have caused you.

Return, for example, is one of the fundamental rights of the customers. However, if you are observing that returns are frequent on a website as well as the sales, this indicates that something is wrong. For this reason, you should put extra effort into Cross border eCommerce return management.

10 Important Indicators of Cross border eCommerce

  • 1. Source of the Traffic

You should definitely analyze where your visitors are coming to your website by using Google Analytics or a similar program. Comparing different traffic sources and choosing the ones that are beneficial for you should be your primary interest. This allows you to spot the most useful resources for your website and do the necessary work to increase your sales.

  • 2. Return Customers and New Customers

New customers do not usually shop during their first visits. Yet if you are able to make them shop, then your system is probably working very efficiently. However, you should also pay attention to the purchasing rate of the people who visit your website twice. It is also quite an important indicator if the person does not shop from the website on the their first visit but shop on their second visit.

  • 3. Average Income Per Visit

You should definitely calculate the average income you get per visitor. You can divide your total purchase to your total visitor number to do the calculation. You can observe how much you can expand your sales volume with more visitors.

Get the Customer to Shop Again

  • 4. Ratio of Repeat Orders

After customers shop from your website, they need to revisit your website and shop again. If they are not doing that, you should start to think there is something wrong with your system. Rather than gaining new customers, keeping the ones you have costs much less and is much easier. You should try to understand why they are not shopping from you by using different methods.

  • 5. Ratio of Shopping Card Abandonment

Sometimes customers abandon the website without shopping even though they add items to their carts. Therefore, it is wrong to think that purchase was or will be finalized unless the customer makes the payment. If many customers are abandoning the cart before they make the payment, you should definitely check the page they see on the payment screen. They may be coming across an insecure or unfamiliar web page design or payment method.

  • 6. Customer Loyalty

The average visit number of your visitors show their loyalty to the website. Customer loyalty is, therefore, among the indicators that you should analyze for the success of your website. With various marketing techniques, you should try to increase these numbers.

  • 7. Duration of the Visit

The time customers spend on a website is also another indicator that shows the success of that website. The visit quality is defined by the duration of the visit. From the time spent on the website, you can understand how appropriate are the design, content and texts for your customers. Besides, you should always plan your improvements in order to keep the visitors on the page as long as possible.

Observe Customers

  • 8. Average Order Value

Your priority should be encouraging the customers to purchase more within the payment process in order to get more profit. For this, you should analyze the average order value at present and work on increasing these numbers.

  • 9. Most Visited Pages

You should observe the most visited pages by your customers. If people only visit your website for the contents via search engines but do not purchase anything, you should do the necessary adjustments accordingly.

  • 10. Customer Acquisition Cost

Apart from gaining the customers and encouraging them to shop from your website, their acquisition costs should also be taken into consideration. Some customers can cost you a great deal whereas some can shop in substantial amounts, which may be an advantage to you. That’s why, after you calculate the costs, you should give the marketing weight to your low-cost customers.

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