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July 10, 2018 Content Manager0

The European Commission wants to set up a website to view cross-border delivery rates offered by logistics companies. With this new initiative, the EU wants to make the cross-border parcel delivery services more transparent and better to follow.
The Council of Europe has shared its views on a new draft regulation, part of Europe’s plans to increase e-commerce under a single digital market. If the Plan is approved by both the Council and the European Parliament, a new website will be set up to facilitate the comparison of the cross-border rates of consumers and companies and the selection of the best ones.
The EU thinks that the market will become more efficient and the tariffs will fall if prices are more transparent and delivery companies can be better tracked. At present the Council claims that tariffs are not fully justified by objective factors such as wages or geographical distances.
Small distribution companies excluded from information liability
“We hope that these new rules will reduce delivery prices for citizens, especially those living in rural areas, and for small businesses with limited bargaining power to make good delivery agreements,” Malta said. Small distribution companies will not be obliged to submit their ratios because this will create an “excessive administrative burden” for both national governments and companies to collect information.
15% of consumers are shopping online at foreign stores
With more transparent and cheaper prices, cross-border e-commerce in the European Union will grow even larger. At the moment, 44 percent of consumers are making online purchases in their own countries, while 15 percent are doing online shopping from other member countries. The most important reason why people do not shop online at foreign stores is high delivery fees.