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First, put yourself in the position of your target customers when starting the E-Export. For example, what would you do if you were to buy products from an Egyptian e-commerce site? Let’s put together the first questions that come to mind now.
Will they really deliver the product I bought? Or how many days will they deliver it?
If I have a problem with the product, will I be able to get Turkish customer service support? Or will I be able to reach somebody?
If I want to return the product, what are the procedures?
Do I really buy an e-commerce site in my own country that I will buy?
I don’t want to give my credit card. Do they pay at the door? Or what are other payment options?
Can I read product descriptions in my own language? Or do they adequately explain the products in my own language?
For sure many more questions come to mind. The consumers are very smart now. The Internet consumer knows very well what he wants especially and uses the internet very well.
So if you want to export e-exports you have to make very serious preparations at this point.
So why should you make e-export?

There are about 2 billion people in Facebook around the world. So to reach a target audience over 2 billion people means to address a much bigger market. And with Facebook’s advanced targeting tools, it’s really easy to reach the target audience.
Broker agent trade is running out every year. There is no place for broker agent that does not produce added value in the 21st century. Thanks to Google, Facebook and Criteo, it is possible to directly access the final consumers by extracting the wholesaler-importer companies from the exporting countries. Selling to whole World from manufacturing is a feverish vision!

Dollar sales are more profitable than Lira. As Turkey, We are globally more competitive in products and service groups that we are superior. You can supply the product or service at very reasonable prices and sell it more profitably. products are very cheap, but the supply period is very long and the products are very unqualified.As Turkey, You can send products to Moscow like sending products to Sivas, Malatya due to its geographical location. Delivery times are very short when distances are short. It is very possible to sell a quality productwith very reasonable priceincluding logistic costs and Turkey is a qualified producer country. And “made in Turkey” is really very reputable in the world! Turning this in to advantage is in your hands, who are the talented entrepreneurs…

While retailing e-exports abroad,at the same time catching wholesaler customers in target countries may be possible.
I will not go through an unusual example. As we hear of something, a vigilant entrepreneur in Iran has started to publish the products of a large shopping website in Turkey without the permission of the site with the same design and format. The product was purchased from the site in Turkey. Nowadays they have decided to negotiate with Turkey’s biggest private shopping site. Think about; After buying the products at retail price and putting logistics, customs and freight costs on them, they can still profit by selling them in Iran. Now, they are negotiating with the shopping website in order to make it more professional.What an opportunity we have, we certainly have not really understood yet.
Once, the e-export business is a focus and a commitment. It is not an experiment tht you can easyly quit. If you are targeting a particular country, you must do many things at the same time, including providing customer service support in that country’s language. Keyword in E-exports is LOCALIZATION. Now let’s list how an e-commerce company that wants to do e-export should prepare for this business.
Local Language: The site should be prepared in local language from the beginning to the end. You should localize your site to the product specifications. I seem to hear how you can translate all the products. Stop, do not panic! Alibaba, like Aliexpress, you can also translate your products into any language using the Google translate API. Google charge a very small monthly fee for this. But it would be much better if you translate the site menu structure yourself.

Local Phone Number: The contact page must have a customer service number for the target country. Visitors who enter through the IPs of the target country should only see your local customer service number. You can customize your communication page by IP. If you tell me you can not do this, please write to me. I tell you how to do it. You can pick up the virtual number and know which country the call comes from on the IP phone, and you can answer it. How are you going to do this? Get a virtual number for the destination country from sites like,,,, Identify this number to your IP phone. That’s it!

Local Address: Use the local address. So the website visitors think the e-commerce site is located in that country. As mentioned in the second article, you can customize your contact page according to country IPs. There are now companies that offer virtual offices in every country. If you can not find it, write to me specifically, let’s find it together. You can lease one address online between $ 99 and $ 149 a month. You can even increase the monthly fee and even transform it into an area where your returns are collected. But this, of course, is true for e-commerce sites with very few occurrences.

Local Payment Methods: Activate all payment methods. With IyziCo you can get payment by credit card from all over the world. But not enough. You also need to activate other payment options. In Germany, for example, only 7% pay by credit card. Yes, you did not read it wrong. On the other hand; Did you know that Aramex gives you the opportunity to pay at the door on deliveries to the Middle East? With B2C Direct, you can make payments at the door in Russia and Ukraine sales. The key to localization is to activate all payment methods. Otherwise, your site become obsolete.

Local Marketplaces: Enter the marketplaces of the target country. Entegra Bilişim has already made ready-made connections and API integrations. Bamilo in Iran, Ozone and Lamoda in Russia, Ebay and Amazon in Germany are all ready. You just say that I will export e-commerce. Prepare local brochures of your e-commerce site and put them into the cargo of sales you have made in the marketplace. From these campaigns you can recruit customers with various promotions and campaigns to your own e-commerce site. Since you are selling profitable,you have enough maneuvering space to plan your campaign.
Local Customer Service: You must hire a customer service representative who speaks the language of your target country as like native. And you should keep all communication channels open; Whatsapp, Viber, Messeneger, live chat etc etc.
Local Digital Marketing: Google, Facebook and Criteo are dominating the world’s internet now and globally. And it facilitates online trading, removing borders. You can do all of your advertising campaigns for the destination country with this amazing trilogy. At first, your advertising costs will be very high, but do not be afraid ,there is a dazzling light at the end of the tunnel. Be steady and stand behind your decision. You will not regret. If you start to accumulate your VAT refunds and start to deduct your VAT refunds with the personnel insurance, then you will enjoy it ????
It is now very easy to set up a local e-commerce site. With Tsoft, you have all the technical equipment you need, from location based pricing, local language display and international logistics integration. As a software partner, Tsoft and Entegra Bilişim will exceed your needs. If you want to see this as an or another way … But really, here I am not talking beyond advertising, letting these companies give real value to their e-exports.

China as a giant e-export making such a breakthrough, we ourselves, so let’s stay and say : “company/person e-export-oriented. If he success we start. Let’s wait a little longer. ” you have a long wait.
E-export is very easy and very difficult to do business. If you hold it barely with your hand, it is a very difficult and troublesome job. If you completely going into this job then it is a very nice and very easy job. Of course if you say “we do not want to deal with all these details”, Koza Digital Agency is always with you, of course. As Koza Digital Agency, we open our customers especially to Russia and the Gulf markets. And the returns are incredibly satisfying.
Those who believe that we can reach the $ 500 billion export target by untested routes, not by the tried and tested ways.
Wish you plenty of coffee, sparkling enjoy.Read, make read…

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