Credited Sales are the Highest Paying Method in Germany

July 18, 2018 by Content Manager0

The German consumer wants to pay when they shop online, after the products are handed over. Most e-commerce companies, although initially offering payment via e-wallet or credit card, have been adhered to paying bills. Credited sales further strengthened the leadership position as the most cost-effective payment method in the German e-commerce industry. After paying the bill, let’s say PayPal is very strong.

Take a look at this year’s EHI study “Online-Payment 2017” presented during the EHI Card Congress in Bonn. The study also shows that e-commerce sites in Germany offer more payment methods than last year. Ten major e-commerce sites have offered customers almost nine different payment methods.

Only 45 of the top 1,000 e-commerce sites offered Payday
The online payment method of many large banks in Germany Paydirekt’s popularity is relatively low so far. But let’s say that there are good news for Paydirekt. 34 percent of the e-commerce sites interviewed said they would be willing to add Paydrekt to their payment methods offer until the end of next year.

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