54% of Europeans who shop from the Internet are shopping abroad!

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About 14 percent of all online shoppers in Europe are buying fresh food and beverages online. And more than half of European e-shoppers shopped in cross-border websites. This data is shown in the latest E-shopper Barometer report from the DPD Group.

The report highlights trends such as online buying experience, cross-border e-commerce, mobile commerce and delivery and payment preferences. Kantar TNS has surveyed about 25.000 participants in 21 countries. This survey shows that the number of European cross-border shoppers is rapidly increasing.

Cross-border e-commerce has a huge growth potential in Europe!

We mentioned that more than half of European e-shoppers are shopping from foreign websites last year. European e-shoppers have made two of ten purchases from a cross-border website. Cross-border e-shopping is clearly visible in Europe, with a huge potential for growth, as one-third of online shoppers say they are interested in buying from abroad in the near future.

The study also shows that online shoppers in Europe buy various devices from the internet. Consumers are increasingly using smartphones for online purchasing. Nevertheless, laptop computers and desktop computers continue to be the main devices used for online purchasing. Consumers shopping online in Europe do not buy from just one device, and 43 percent think it should be a mobile-friendly website.

Smartphones are spreading by 39 percent of online shoppers in Europe with an average increase of 5 percentage points over the past year. Especially in Romania (65%) and in Croatia (56%) smart phones are becoming more and more popular for online shopping.

Online Fresh food and drink

Since January this year, 14 percent of consumers have exchanged fresh food and beverages from the internet. One percent of most online buyers are regular buyers because they buy this product at least once a month. An important market, especially in the UK: 27% of online shoppers order fresh food and beverages. 18 per cent of online shoppers in Spain exhibited the same behavior.

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