363 Thousand New Dealers Attend to Amazon in Europe

July 18, 2018 by Content Manager0

The information collected by the Marketplace Pulse also confirms this result. According to the Marketplace Pulse analysis, in 2017 more than 1 billion new vendors joined the Amazon Market. At, while markets in America and India are half of new sellers, Europe is also quite high.

All of Amazon’s European markets are growing at near speed, because most of the sellers in Europe are selling in more than one market place. There are more than 5 million prizes already in the Amazon markets around the world, but how many of them will continue to be active sales. Marketplace Pulse founder Joe Kaziukėnas says that even a single product listing for most of the sellers may not be possible.

Seller comment was made on 31% of new sellers
The survey results show that only 31% of the 1 million new sellers participating in Amazon are evaluated. And about six vendors have received comments in the last thirty days. Kaziukėnas says many sellers are a bit active at first and then disappear from the center. Although interpretations are not a direct indicator of sales, according to Kaziukėnas, these statistics are also indicative, because this information shows; there are few sellers who are active for months and do not sell and receive almost no feedback.

Amazon in Sweden and Switzerland
Speaking of the situation of Amazon in Europe, it should be said that Amazon is strong rumors that it will enter the market in Sweden, and it is certain that Amazon will also enter the market in Switzerland in the near future.

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