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You can promote your products or services to potential customers in Google searches worldwide, not just in Turkey. SEO IS A DIGITAL WEAPON WHICH IS THE MOST PERSISTENT, HAS A BEST SUITABLE INVESTMENT COST IN THE LONG-TERM AND HAS THE MOST EFFECTIVE COMMERCIAL TRANSFORMATION. The following figures show how effective it is to sell abroad.

A bread in Turkey is 1TL and a minimum salary is 1404 TL. In most countries of Europe, a bread is 1 Euro and the minimum salary is around 1400 euro. From here, when you turn the prices of your products from TL to Euro, you get a profit margin of 3.8 times.

70% of all people living in Europe, 565 million people, are using active internet. And one of the two people who use the internet is shopping on the internet.

There are 229 million Internet connections in Europe. And in every house an average of 2,000 euros per year is shopping on the internet.

Europe’s e-commerce volume reached 450 billion euros. The volume of online trade in traditional retail accounts for 6%. This figure is 90 times larger than the Turkish e-commerce market.

France has 67 billion euros, Germany has 80 billion euros, and the UK has 142 billion euros e-commerce volume. The e-commerce volume of these 3 giant countries is equivalent to 60% of the whole of Europe.

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